In 1992, a group of old folks got together and decided to put on a show. Four million people showed up to watch.

Celebrating the music, dance and comedy of Mid-Century America, The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies played this eponymous resort's historic Plaza Theatre for 23 seasons. The Follies' lavish Broadway-scale production not only garnered global media attention, but was also the catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Palm Springs.

Most importantly, though, its talented cast of dancers, singers, variety acts and headliners—all 55-years-of-age and older—showed the world a new way of looking at "old."

After almost 5,000 performances, this theatrical phenomenon closed its doors in 2014. The Follies' legacy website, however, continues as a way for Follies Fans to share beloved memories and relive cherished visits.

We hope The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies will remain in your hearts forever . . . as it will ours.

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